Point-to-Mulipoint 28GHz Broadband Wireless Access Systems Released

Cable AML has just released the BWA-1028 and BWA-4028S Broadband Wireless Access Systems. These compact fixed-wireless systems are ideally suited to provide “last mile”, two-way data service capability to subscribers requiring high-speed connectivity. The BWA-1028 system provides dedicated bandwidth connectivity, whereas the BWA-4028S provides multiple-carrier, multi-service capability well suited for commercial trials

The systems operate in the 27.5 to 28.35 GHz or the 28.25 to 28.75 GHz bands for downstream transmission and the 31.0 to 31.3 GHz band for upstream transmission. Range varies between 1 and 4 miles (1.6 and 6.4 Km) depending on climate, capacity utilization and other factors.

There are multiple-carrier, FDD (Frequency Domain Duplexing) systems capable of supporting multiple carriers with either QPSK, 16-QAM or 64-QAM modulation. The BWA-1028 employs FDM (Frequency Domain Multiplexing) in both downstream and upstream directions, whereas the BWA-4028S is an FDM system with shared-access capability implemented via TDM (Time Domain Multiplexing) for the downstream and TDMA (Time Domain Multiple Access) for the upstream. Either shared-bandwidth or dynamically allocated bandwidth (bandwidth-on-demand) is available for the upstream.

The BWA-1028 system principal application is for high-capacity private data networks, with data rates ranging from E1/T1 (approximately 2 Mbps) to 10 Mbps per subscriber.

The BWA-4028S is designed to provide services such as:IP for fast Internet access (128 Kbps, 256 Kbps and above)ATM-based, high data rate access systems (E1/T1 and higher)POTS and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephonyMPEG-2 Digital Video distribution

Like all members of Cable AML’s family of Broadband Wireless Access Systems, the BWA-1028 and BWA-4028S systems are deployed in a cellular architecture. The number of subscribers within a given cell is determined by many factors. The most important factor are the number of sectors within the cell, the access system employed, and the modulation format associated with each access system. Frequency re-use plans are required for multiple cell operation.

The systems are inherently scalable in terms of the number of sectors per cell as well as the number of carriers per sector. A four-sector RF Hub implementation consists of four transceivers and four 90-degree sector antennas.

At the subscriber’s site, a single dish serves as both receive and transmit antenna. The CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Transceiver consists of an outdoor transceiver integrated with a 35 cm. diameter antenna. The Transceiver is connected to an indoor modem or NIU (Network Interface Unit), which provides the interface to the subscriber equipment (10BaseT, T1/E1, POTS, etc, depending on the requirements).

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