MMDS Subscriber Equipment

MMDS Downconverter
The MMDS downconverter is designed for reception of digital MMDS signals in the standard DVB-C format. The MMDS downconverter consists of a state-of-the-art receiver integrated with a dipole designed to be placed at the focal point of standard wire mesh antennas.

  • 256QAM Digital Ready
  • Integrated dipole
  • Low phase noise
  • High frequency stability
  • Low power consumption
  • UMTS rejection
mmds downconverter
Description Frequency Band (in MHz) Model Number
MMDS Downconverter Data Sheet 2500 ~ 2686 MHz DC02-201

MMDS Parabolic Antennas
The MMDS high performance parabolic antennas provide unparalleled performance to MMDS subscribers receiving signals in the MMDS 2.5 to 2.7 GHz band. In addition to narrow beam width, the antenna has been engineered with low side lobes and also offers excellent front-to-back performance.

  • Low Sidelobes
  • Excellent Front-to-Back Ratio
  • Narrow Beamwidth
  • Durable, Robust Construction
MMDS Parabolic Antennas
Description Frequency Band (in MHz) Model Number
MMDS Parabolic Antennas Data Sheet 2500 ~ 2686 MHz MMDS Parabolic Antennas

Cable AML Latest MMDS Systems Projects

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“Totally satisfied with the Cable AML equipment and support during the installation of the new transmitter,”

Jose Pablo Fernandez, RBA CATV

“The digital MMDS expansion program which is still in progress, has resulted in a very significant increase in homes passed, especially in areas with poor or no cable coverage. The network expansion program is yielding excellent results in terms of additional subscribers. The Cable AML transmitters and repeaters are rugged, easy to install and very reliable, allowing us to meet or exceed the technical and program goals in a timely manner without overtaxing material and manpower resources.”

Melisa Perez, Cable Onda

To quote a MMDS System, we need to know the following information:

» Will the system be analog or digital?
» What is the frequency band available?
» How many TV programs do you want in the system?
» How large is the coverage area?

Let Cable AML help you define the appropriate system to fit your special requirements.

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