5G Broadcast/Multicast uses UHF spectrum to broadcast television to 5G smartphones. 5G Broadcast is targeted primarily at mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, cars). Mobile devices are equipped with advanced reception capabilities. These devices can be used to receive video signals in VHF and UHF channels.

Highlights and Benefits

Robust Emergency

Robust emergency notification for public safety (earthquakes, hurri- canes and other emergencies).

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts are delivered di- rectly, reliably and without depen- dence on cellular networks or the in- ternet, which could be damaged during fires, earthquakes, storms or other emergencies. needs.

Catastrophic Satellite

A terrestrial fallback is available for broadcast of public content of strategic/national importance in the event of catastrophic satellite failures.

Enhanced Venue

Enhanced venue casting at sport- ing events or concerts. 5G Broad- cast can ensure that all users in the area receive a high-definition video stream from the event with- out overloading cellular towers nearby.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management audio con- tent is delivered directly and au- thentically in a targeted manner.

Components of a 5G Broadcast Signal

The major components of the 5G Broadcast signal are:

5G Broadcast Products:

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