Laguna OLA

Point-to-multipoint System


The Laguna OLA System is a point-to-multipoint (PtMP) system, the access point (AP) as master point and remote terminal (RT) as terminal point, working in FDD mode between uplink (UL) and downlink (DL), TDMA
mechanism is adopted to communicate between AP and R T.
The Laguna OLA system can provide cost-effective and rapidly- implemented Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution, suitable for Small and Middle Enterprise (SME) and residential wireless access scenario.

Highlights and Benefits

10.5GHz, 13GHz licensed band, other band can be customized

>1.2Gbps per sector

Private physical and MAC protocol

ITU-T G.8262,G.8264 (Synchronous Ethernet)

Support local Web UI configuration

Support Wi-Fi connection for configuration

Key Characteristics

TX Power (dBm)
AP: up to 23 ; RT: up to 28 @ 10.5GHz and 13GHz
Frequency (MHz)
DL:10,507.5 to 10,640.5 ; UL:10,157.5 to 10,290.5 @ 10.5GHz
DL:13,017-13,143 ; UL:12,751-12,877 @ 13GHz A Sub-band
DL:13,115-13,241 ; UL:12,849-12,975 @ 13GHz B Sub-band
BW (MHz)
Duplex Spacing (MHz)
350 @ 10.5GHz, 266 @ 13GHz
Modulation (AMC)
DL: up to 2048 QAM; UL: up to 256 QAM
Line Capacity (Gbps)
Access Capacity
Up to 32, software upgrades support 64 RT connection
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