One-Way Multichannel Video Links
Multichannel Video Links for Cable TV are high-capacity microwave links designed to enable Cable Television Systems (CATV) to transport all of the video signals from the Headend to a remote location.Cable TV operators have long been using this cost-effective technology to expand their systems by bypassing natural or man-made obstacles such as lakes, mountains, buildings, or areas without subscribers.
These links transport all TV “channels” whether they are FM audio channels, analog TV channels, or digital carriers (64 QAM or 256 QAM).
Cable AML video links can deliver CATV signals up to 60 Km with the same or better quality than fiber.
Cable AML microwave systems consist of a transmitter with a dish antenna at the Headend site feeding a receiver at the remote end.
Because the receiver directly feeds the trunk cable system at the remote location, there is no need for interface equipment or facilities at the receive site. AML is a line-of-sight technology.
If there is no line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver, one or more repeaters can be used to complete the link.
Following is a simplified block diagram of a typical multichannel video link:
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