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Private LTE Customizable

The Laguna Private LTE meets specific requirements, our systems can incorporate BSS (Billing System Software for MVNE/MVNO) and Core functionalities capable of serving up to 10 million users, along with RAN (Radio Access Network) configurations tailored to precise specifications.

Designed to address diverse needs, our solutions cater to various sectors:

  • For School Districts: Providing LTE solutions to facilitate internet access for students at home, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for educational purposes.
  • For Police Departments: Enabling the transmission of CCTV footage and critical information to headquarters, enhancing operational efficiency and situational awareness.
  • For Industrial Applications: Offering secure, in-building connectivity using advanced 5G technology, incorporating IoT devices and smartphones to replace traditional walkietalkies, thereby optimizing communication and workflow processes.

Ultralight or Backpack - Private LTE

Cable AML Portable Ultralight Laguna LTE is a fully independent system tailored for seamless operation without the need for a network connection. This comprehensive solution comprises the Core, PBX, and either eNB or gNB, ensuring a robust and private field network environment.

Product Application Benefits:

  • LTE operation in private network on the move.
  • Standard LTE Bands with paired available Phone devices.
  • 3GPP frequency band options from 650 MHz to 3.8 GHz supporting both FDD and TDD.
  • Supporting 2 x 2 MIMO.
  • High Performance frequency stability, as well as GPS support.
  • Transmitter power options available.
  • Backpack / tactical case / Vehicle or tower mount.
  • Application for Android Phone for Voice communica- tions within the network.
  • Battery operated low power system

4G/5G Laguna LTE Series

The Laguna LTE Series provides wireless access functions, including management of air interface, access control, mobility control, user resource allocation and other radio resource management and wireless service transmission functions. It consists of a baseband unit Laguna-B4000 and remote radio unit.

Product Application Benefits:

  • LTE operation in private network.
  • Remote upgrade and management
  • LTE 2*2 MIMO/4*4 MIMO
  • Up to 40W (46dBm) Output Power.
  • Supports 256 active users per cell.
  • Supports Sub-6GHz TDD/FDD.
  • Supports Cascading.
  • Supports External Alarm.
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