MMDS Digital System Upgrde in Lithuania’s Capital City

It isn’t always possible to jump into the latest technology. Sometimes the journey must occur in steps.Viginta JSC Ltd. of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, wanted to make a leap into digital broadband TV and wireless data distribution to thousands of subscribers in a service area with a radius of approximately 32 Km. The Company already provided this service under the brand name VDNet and wanted the upgrade without interrupting service. So it was most important to plot a detailed transition strategy.

Cable AML engineers worked with IT Manager Vytas Mikelaitis to devise a step-by-step transition from their analog system to a new broadband system powered by a 500 Watt transmitter capable of transmitting both digital video and wireless Internet simultaneously.

The new MMDS system transmits from the tall building in the center of this photograph of Vilnius, Lithuania

“This was an upgrade and the customer needed assurance the transmitter was going to interface flawlessly with other equipment in place,” said Cable AML President Francisco Bernues. “We made the conversion from an existing channelized MMDS system, which included relocating the transmitter site, converting it from analog to digital and from channelized to broadband,” Dr. Bernues said. Consumers in Lithuania’s capital now enjoy better coverage and simultaneous transmission of TV and data signals over a wider area with the same “legacy” wireless system that was previously in operation. “We provided a solution, not a transmitter,” Dr. Bernues said.

“We have launched five DVB-T carriers with an initial carriage of 33 programs . In the next month we are planning to add more SD channels and perhaps two HD channels”, said Mr. Mikelaitis. Paul Shmotolokha, Chairman of VDNet added “Our customers have seen a marked improvement in video quality and at the same time we are realizing substantial opex savings from reduced electricity costs from the more efficient Cable AML transmitters. We are very pleased with the service and support we received from Cable AML who was able to support us effectively and provide us with a quality solution at a fair price.”

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