STL (Studio to Transmitter Digital Video Links)

STL (Studio to Transmitter video links) are Point-to-Point microwave links to transport digital TV Programs (in ASI or IP formats).

The links operate in the frequency bands from 2 to 30 GHz and can be used at line-of-sight distances of up to 50 miles (80 Kilometers), depending on options such as frequency band, output power, modulation format and antenna size.

The STL can transport from one to four ASI streams or its equivalent in IP format. Each ASI stream transports from one to six video programs simultaneously, SD or HD.

An optional ENCODER is used to generate ASI streams by multiplexing video from the Studio, which can be provided in SDI or HDMI format. The output of the link is ASI or IP to be fed directly to the TV transmitter.

Each link consists of an indoor unit connected via cable to an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit connects directly to the parabolic dish antenna. Frequency agility is available in most models.

The links are available in a variety of options, which include the operating frequency band, input signal format, type of modulation for transmission, number of TV programs, transmitter power, antenna size, and operating voltages.


The MT-MR Platinum Radio Link System is an STL (Studio-Transmitter Link) used to transport FM radio information from Production Studios to a distant Transmitter station.

It is available in all frequency bands below 1 GHz.

The MT-MR Platinum system transport a high-quality stereo program and three specialized SCA channels used for commercial audio, low-frequency data transmission or telemetry and remote control purposes. This Radio Link not only can work as STL point-to-point system, but it can also work as multiple-repeater Relay system in any configuration. Provision of an audio dropout at each repeater station allows the creation of regional chains having multiple Transmitter Stations.

Main Advantages

  • Balanced mono, stereo (MPX) and 3SCA inputs.
  • LCD reading of frequency (6 digits), direct/reflected power, modulation level and component of the pilot signal (19KHz) while transmitting.
  • SWR fold-back protection.
  • The receiver has double conversion and externally synthesized with the same characteristics as the transmitter

To quote a STL Link, we need to know the following information:

» What is the distance of the link?
» What is the frequency band available?
» What is the input format?
» What is the Output format?

Cable AML will be happy to help you define an STL LINK system to fit your special requirements.

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