Global Leaders in Communications and Broadcast Technology Unite to Form ABRANS Group

In a move set to redefine the landscape of wireless technology solutions, Cable AML, OMB, and COMARTEL are combining their expertise under the ABRANS Group banner. For nearly 45 years, the ABRANS Group companies have been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge wireless solutions to clients spanning over 100 countries. Their combined expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence have cemented their reputation as leaders in the industry. The ABRANS Group boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products and systems, including LTE 5G Communication Systems, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Broadband Wireless Systems, Broadcast Systems (Television, Multichannel Video, and FM), as well as Microwave and Millimeter-Wave advanced communications products operating within the frequency range of 50 MHz to 100 GHz. Each member company brings its unique strengths to the table:

Cable AML ( stands as a pioneer in Broadband Wireless Systems, offering a diverse range of products tailored to the RF domain from 50 MHz to 100 GHz. With a track record spanning four decades, Cable AML has delivered hundreds of wireless systems, earning the trust of clients worldwide.

OMB ( is renowned for its expertise in designing and manufacturing broadcast and communications systems, including Microwave links, Studio to Transmitter Links, TV Transmitters, FM Transmitters, antennas and Systems. With over 10,000 FM transmitters, 2,000 TV transmitters, and 12,000 antennas installed, OMB has established itself as a leader in Broadcast technology.

COMARTEL ( specializes in Wireless Systems Engineering and value-added distribution networks for wireless and broadcast products. Offering comprehensive system design and  implementation solutions, COMARTEL serves Broadcast, and Wireless Internet companies globally, with a dedicated technical and distribution center in Miami, Florida.

About ABRANS Group: The ABRANS Group is a conglomerate of leading companies in wireless technology solutions. Comprising Cable AML, OMB, and COMARTEL, the group is committed to delivering cutting-edge products and systems to clients worldwide, backed by decades of industry experience and a shared dedication to excellence. 



Cable AML - A member of ABRANS group

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