Cable AML Company Profile

Cable AML is a world leader in Broadband Wireless Systems, High-Capacity Microwave Links, Wireless Internet, and Digital Video Broadcast Systems in frequency bands from 50 MHz to 80 GHz. Cable AML’s customers include the largest Wireless, Cable TV and Digital Television Broadcast companies in the US and around the world.

Cable AML designs, fabricates and supports:

  • Wireless “triple-play” systems (multichannel digital video + Internet+ telephony),
  • Multi-channel video links for cable TV,
  • High-speed wireless internet access systems,
  • MMDS multi-channel broadcast systems,
  • Point-to-point links for video and data applications,
  • Broadband microwave transceivers, transmitters, repeaters, and receivers.

Cable AML has been operating since 1992 and has completed thousands of microwave installations at least 54 countries.  Millions of subscribers receive TV, data or telephony service through Cable AML equipment.

Cable AML’s customers include the largest Cable TV companies in the US and Canada, virtually every major MMDS operator in the world, and a rapidly growing number of high-speed data operators from all over the globe.

Cable AML systems are backed by on-site technical installation assistance and maintenance training, multilingual technical and customer support 24 hours per day the 7 days per week.

Cable AML Product Brochure available a click away.


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