Wireless solutions based on LTE

Cable AML offers a range of wireless solutions based on LTE (Long-Term Evolution) systems to cater to various needs and requirements. These solutions provide reliable and efficient communication and data services in different scenarios.
Here are some of the wireless solutions offered by Cable AML:
Backpack Solution:
Cable AML provides a backpack solution equipped with a CORE (Central Office Radio Equipment) to RAN (Radio Access Network) and an antenna. This backpack solution is a complete integrated system designed for battery operation, allowing for portable and on-the-go communication. It includes a VoIP (Voice over IP) system that enables users to share photos and text within a group based around the core.
With an inconspicuous design, it can be used for discreet operations. The battery system provides approximately 2 hours of run time, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

Vehicle Solution:
For larger coverage requirements and higher power, Cable AML offers a vehicle solution that includes a CORE and RAN. Similar to the backpack solution, it features a VoIP system for communication and also supports streaming video to the vehicle for event monitoring purposes. This solution is ideal for situations that require enhanced mobility and extended coverage.

Medium-Sized LTE Installations:
Cable AML offers LTE installations designed to provide internet access to schools campuses or other similar extended settings. These installations feature a network capable of supporting up to 50,000 users, ensuring reliable connectivity for educational institutions. The system is designed to meet the demands of medium-sized user populations.
Sporting Events System:
Cable AML provides a specialized system for sporting events. It consists of a single CORE and multiple RAN units, enabling seamless communication, video streaming, and data transmission during the event.
This system can be deployed in scenarios such as racing events, where there is a need for reliable and high-speed communication along the racecourse, for example, the streets of Long Beach, California.
Small City LTE Installations:
In areas where traditional wired infrastructure is limited, Cable AML provides LTE installations that offer internet access for video-on-demand services. These installations supplement the existing Multichannel Microwave Distribution System (MMDS) to deliver high-quality streaming content. It enables users in small countries to enjoy on-demand video services without relying solely on wired connections.

Large City LTE System:
For countries with a significant population and high subscriber demands, Cable AML offers a
comprehensive LTE system. This system includes a robust CORE infrastructure capable of handling up to
10 million subscribers. It supports both 4G and 5G RAN technologies, ensuring efficient and future-proof
communication services. Additionally, the system incorporates a Business Support System (BSS) that
facilitates billing and revenue management for enhanced operational capabilities.

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