Wireless Internet/Triple Play

A true point-to-multipoint wireless platform capable of carrying any combination of Digital video, Broadband Internet and Voice over IP to a large number of subscribers.

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Super-reliable integrated systems designed to broadcast multi-channel pay television as well as two-way applications such as Internet access and/or IP telephony.

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Cable TV Links

High-capacity microwave links designed to transport all CATV video signals from the Headend to remote locations, cost-effectively bypassing obstacles such as lakes, mountains, buildings, or areas without subscribers.

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Data Links

Microwave radio links ideally suited for LAN or WLAN extensions, IP Backhaul, and other high-speed IP transport applications. Systems that provide instant and cost-effective IP connectivity between two points at distances of up to 100 km.

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Video Links

Fixed or portable Point-to-Point Video links designed to transport TV Programs (analog or digital) at line-of-sight distances of up to 60 miles (100 Kilometers).

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Latest News

Cable Onda Installs Digital MMDS Transmitter

Following the launch in 2012 of the digital MMDS system in Panama City by Cable Onda, the leading Cable TV and MMDS operator in Panama has been expanding digital coverage across the country. The network expansion plan, which is still in progress, has been implemented by installing a combination
of repeaters with upgraded transmission plant and also fiber-fed transmitters in those areas where coverage and/or line-of-sight conditions recommended this approach.

The plan, which is undertaken under direction of Melisa Perez, is being implemented by a team of experienced Engineers and Technicians. Detailed site coverage and interference analyses were conducted by Mrs. Perez and her team prior to each site installation.

According to Melisa Perez, “the digital MMDS expansion program which is still in progress, has resulted in a very significant increase in homes passed, especially in areas with poor or no cable coverage. The network expansion program is yielding excellent results in terms of additional subscribers. The Cable AML transmitters and repeaters are rugged, easy to install and very reliable, allowing us to meet or exceed the technical and program goals in a timely manner without overtaxing material and manpower resources.”

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About Cable AML

Cable AML is a world leader in Broadband Microwave Links, Wireless Internet Systems and "Wireless Cable" or MMDS Systems operating in the licensed frequency bands from 1.5 GHz to 42 GHz.

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