datalink_iconData Links
Microwave radio links ideally suited for LAN or WLAN extensions, IP Backhaul, and other high-speed IP transport applications. Systems that provide instant and cost-effective IP connectivity between two points.header_nav_img13

catv_iconCable TV Links
High-capacity microwave links designed to transport all CATV video signals from the Headend to remote locations, cost-effectively by passing natural or man-made obstacles.header_nav_img12

misc_icons Video Links
The Digital TV-LINK family includes fixed and portable Digital Video Link designed to transport multiple TV Programs or multiple data streams(ASI or SDI). It operates in the frequency bands from 2 to 30 GHz. dtvlink-menu

broadband_iconsWireless Internet
A true point-to-multipoint wireless platform capable of carrying any combination of Digital video, Broadband Internet and Voice over IP to a large number of subscribers.

tripleplay_icon_50pxMMDS & MVDS (12GHz)
Super-reliable integrated systems designed to broadcast multi-channel pay television as well as two-way applications such as Internet access and/or IP telephony.

video_icons_2Digital Terrestrial Television
Cable AML is a leading provider of integrated DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) systems, both DVB-T2 and ATSC, including Digital Headend, Transmitters, Repeaters, Studio to Transmitter Links and Antennas.DTT

Latest News


Cable AML has recently installed a high capacity IP link operating in the 24 GHz “license-free” to provide backhaul connectivity between two major facilities near the Los Angeles International Airport, in Los Angeles, California (USA).

The microwave link was the wireless leg of a completely updated network interconnection project designed and installed by Cable Masters for a Corporate customer. Cable Master is a California company with state-of-the-art capabilities in the design and construction of wired and wireless projects worldwide.

The 24 GHz IPLINK is able to provide 750 Mbps (full-duplex) which enabled Cable Masters to provide seamless connectivity between two major network nodes which were difficult to interconnect by fiber.

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Refurbished Equipment

Cable AML offers completed and functional refurbished equipment, already test and inspection by our engineering team which guarantees the full operation of the units.Check the equipment available here


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