Broadband MMDS

MMDS is an industry acronym that stands for“Microwave Multi-channel Distribution Systems”. It is a technology developed to broadcast multi-channel television to a subscriber base within range of the transmitter tower. Each subscriber receives the TV signals through a low-cost antenna and decodes the signals with a Set-Top Box.

MMDS is a wireless alternative to Cable Television, providing a similar service (multichannel TV) , and for that reason it is also referred to as “Wireless Cable”.

MMDS was originally developed to broadcast 31 analog TV channels over a 186 MHz wide frequency band from 2,500 to 2,686 MHz, but although there are still some legacy analog systems, all new systems today are digital.

Most of the MMDS systems delivered by Cable AML are made for operation at the standard MMDS frequencies in the 2,500 to 2,700 MHz band, but some systems have been delivered at other frequencies such as 2.3, 12, 23 and 28 GHz bands.

Modern digital MMDS systems can broadcast hundreds of TV programs and can be integrated with wireless Internet systems to provide both TV video and wireless Internet simultaneously.

Cable AML produces integrated MMDS system solutions. Cable AML pioneered the use of broadband transmitters and repeaters and has delivered and installed dozens of systems around the world since 1992.


Key Features of Cable AML MMDS System

Open Architecture

Cable AML Broadband MMDS systems avoid proprietary solutions and only include hardware and software meeting all international standards (MPEG-2, DVB-C, Simulcrypt) with assured multi-vendor availability of key subscriber equipment.

Modular Design

Cable AML Broadband MMDS systems are designed in modular elements, making it easy to increase the number of TV programs transmitted, easy to upgrade to Wireless Internet, and easy to expand the reach of any existing system.

Fast System Implementation

Cable AML Broadband MMDS systems can be commissioned and put to work in very little time, increasing payback and enhancing cash flow.

Custom Tailored Frequency Bands

Cable AML Broadband MMDS systems can be configured to accommodate unique spectrum allocations within licensed band ranges that fall outside the standard MMDS frequencies of 2.3 – 2.7 GHz.

Turn-Key System Integration

Cable AML provides turn-key systems if requested by the customer, including hands-on customer training and long-term operational and maintenance support.

Broad Transmitter and Repeater Product Line

Cable AML’s Broadband MMDS product line features over 30 different models — the broadest selection of power output levels (from 10W to 2000W) available in the market.

Cable AML Latest MMDS Systems Projects

Review Cable AML latest projects & installations for MMDS.

“Totally satisfied with the Cable AML equipment and support during the installation of the new transmitter,”

Jose Pablo Fernandez, RBA CATV

“The digital MMDS expansion program which is still in progress, has resulted in a very significant increase in homes passed, especially in areas with poor or no cable coverage. The network expansion program is yielding excellent results in terms of additional subscribers. The Cable AML transmitters and repeaters are rugged, easy to install and very reliable, allowing us to meet or exceed the technical and program goals in a timely manner without overtaxing material and manpower resources.”

Melisa Perez, Cable Onda

To quote a MMDS System, we need to know the following information:

» Will the system be analog or digital?
» What is the frequency band available?
» How many TV programs do you want in the system?
» How large is the coverage area?

Let Cable AML help you define the appropriate system to fit your special requirements.

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