Cable AML Company Profile

Cable AML is a world leader in Broadband Wireless Systems, High-Capacity Microwave Links, Wireless Internet, and Digital Video Broadcast Systems in frequency bands from 50 MHz to 80 GHz. Cable AML’s customers include the largest Wireless, Cable TV and Digital Television Broadcast companies in the US and around the world.

Cable AML designs, fabricates and supports:

  • Wireless “triple-play” systems (multichannel digital video + Internet+ telephony),
  • Multi-channel video links for cable TV,
  • High-speed wireless internet access systems,
  • MMDS multi-channel broadcast systems,
  • Point-to-point links for video and data applications,
  • Broadband microwave transceivers, transmitters, repeaters, and receivers.

Cable AML has been operating since 1992 and has completed thousands of microwave installations at least 54 countries.  Millions of subscribers receive TV, data or telephony service through Cable AML equipment.

Cable AML’s customers include the largest Cable TV companies in the US and Canada, virtually every major MMDS operator in the world, and a rapidly growing number of high-speed data operators from all over the globe.

Cable AML systems are backed by on-site technical installation assistance and maintenance training, multilingual technical and customer support 24 hours per day the 7 days per week.



  • September 2021
    Record breaking High Power Redundant Digital Multichannel Transmitters delivered to multiple customers

  • June 2020
    Private LTE System delivered to US School System

  • February 2019
    Backpack Portable Private LTE System, Delivered to US Customer

  • August 2018
    LTE Point to Multipoint installed in Mexico

  • February 2018
    Digital Broadcast Network Installed in New York

  • June 2017
    Microwave Multichannel Digital Transport Backbone installed in California

  • January 2016
    High Capacity IP Radios Installed in California

  • August 2015
    1000W MMDS Transmitters installed in Mexico and Argentina

  • September 2014
    Gigabit full duplex IP Link Installed in Honduras

  • November 2012
    28 GHz Wireless DOCSIS system delivered

  • August 2012
    High Capacity 10.5 GHz Fixed Wireless System installed and operating in PNG

  • March 2011
    High Capacity Digital IP Link installed and commissioned in Belize

  • September 2010
    First Digital MMDS system operating with 256 QAM modulation

  • May 2009
    Multi-hop High Capacity Digital Video Backbone installed and commissioned in the Caribbean

  • March 2008
    Wireless Triple Play System operating at 28 GHz starts commercial operation in Lisbon (Portugal)

  • September 2007
    First FDD WiMAX Repeater delivered and installed in Europe

  • June 2007
    “Triple Play” broadband Wireless System developed and installed in Japan.

  • October 2006
    Wireless Internet DOCSIS system expands with Cable AML Repeaters

  • September 2005
    Cable AML microwave links installed to transport several 8VSB digital channels to Cable TV Headends.

  • July 2005
    Cable AML microwave links installed to transport HDTV (High Definition TV) Channels to Cable TV Headends.

  • August 2004
    First wireless DOCSIS return system for one-way cable systems, allowing cable operators to offer DOCSIS modem service where previously it was impossible.

  • July 2004
    Cable AML delivers its first digital headend as part of an integrated digital MMDS system.

  • January 2002
    Delivery of two-way broadband AML system for HFC extension. The two-way AML system is designed to provide a microwave return path for cable modem signals.

  • December 2001
    Cable AML delivers first 3.5 GHz DOCSIS-based broadband BWA (Broadband Wireless Access ) System for high speed Internet Access.

  • October 2001
    Cable AML delivers 1.5 GHz DOCSIS-based BWA (Broadband Wireless Access System) for high speed Internet access.

  • July 2001
    Cable AML delivers 2.5 GHz BWA (Broadband Wireless Access System) integrated with existing Analog MMDS System (Multi-channel Multipoint Delivery System).

  • January 2001
    Cable AML delivers 28 GHz Multi-channel LMDS System carrying Digital TV and two-way data with DOCSIS-based IP (Internet Protocol) Access System.

  • April 2000
    Delivery of 18 GHz AML System for use with Intelligent Traffic System.

  • April 2000
    Cable AML delivers 12 GHz Terrestrial DTH (Direct-to-Home) Digital Multi-channel TV Broadcast System for country-wide coverage.

  • July 1999
    Completion of world’s first 28-31 GHz LMDS commercial trial utilizing multi-carrier access technologies.

  • March 1999
    Delivery of 28 GHz multi-carrier broadband access system.

  • February 1999
    Delivery of Point-to-Point AML carrying analog video and two-way data simultaneously.

  • February 1998
    Delivery of dual-redundant high-power LMDS transmitter system.

  • January 1998
    Delivery of digital LMDS solid-state transmitter with video and data capability.

  • December 1997
    Delivery of two-way dual-redundant STL system with digital carriers upstream, analog carriers downstream.

  • September 1997
    Delivery of world’s highest power broadband outdoor MMDS repeater.

  • August 1997
    Delivery of world’s first high-power dual redundant MMDS repeater system.

  • February 1997
    Delivery of LMDS transmitter system for digital video and data.

  • October 1996
    Delivery of the world’s first dual-redundant high-power 13 GHz transmitters for carriage of 110 channels of 64-QAM modulated digital video.

  • May 1996
    Delivery of the world’s first integrated, end-to-end, broadband redundant MMDS system fed by a dual-redundant 13 GHz AML system.

  • February 1996
    Design and fabrication of the 18 GHz broadband transceivers for two-way analog-digital, video plus telephony system.

  • December 1995
    Delivery of the world’s first terrestrial DTH (Direct-to-Home) digital transmitter.

  • December 1994
    Delivery of the world’s first broadband MMDS system based on high frequency (19 GHz) linearization techniques.

  • July 1994
    Delivery of the world’s first AML system at 8 GHz.

  • February 1994
    Delivery of the world’s first automated, microprocessor controlled, transmitter redundancy switching system.

  • August 1993
    First delivery of the world’s highest power AML transmitter system at 13 GHz.

  • April 1993
    Delivery of the world’s first dual-redundant transmitter with full redundancy switching.

  • December 1992
    Delivery of the world’s first redundant AML repeater system designed for operation at a remote site.

  • July 1992
    Delivery of the world’s first multi-channel agile transmitter designed for multiplexing into existing channelized systems.